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Trust Fund Managers!

If you are still paying retail prices for your wholesale fragrance oil purchases then you don’t know JAK!

At Fragrances By JAK we have built a business servicing federal and state institutions, based around the simple business concept that wholesale purchasers should pay wholesale prices. Make sense? So why are you still paying retail prices for your wholesale oil purchases? Our fragrances are $3.25 per ounce, so when the institution includes its markup the resulting price is more in line with the retail prices for which oil sells, $4.20 vs $5.20 saving both you and your customer 20% on your purchase. Stop paying retail prices for your wholesale purchases.

If you have ever had stagnant oil sales and could not exchange your oils, it’s because you don’t know JAK! If you have ever experienced slow turn around on your oil orders or have had goods damaged in shipping and have had trouble getting the items replaced or speaking directly with someone who could address your concerns, now you know why: you don’t know JAK!

We use this tongue-in-cheek slogan but the reality is that if you have ever experienced any of these situations it is because you are dealing with someone whose business is not exclusively built around servicing the needs of institutions’ commissaries. At Fragrances By JAK we do one thing: sell oil to institution commissaries and we are focused on doing it well. We act like your business matters because it does.

We are not that multi-million dollar corporation with a hundred thousand customers and thousands of products to distract us. We sell fragrance oil to institutions at a wholesale price. That’s what we do. And because we focus on that and have been doing so for the past decade we are aware of the distinctiveness and unique requirements of being a wholesale provider to federal institutions such as your end of fiscal years issues, inventory, cards needing to recharge, slow moving inventory, carrier services, shipping charges, call tags etc.

Brooklyn MDC is located about ten minutes from one of the major fragrance oil supply hubs in America, Atlantic Ave. We called Ed Shea, commissary manager of Brooklyn MDC, more than ten years ago and because of the frustration of dealing with these providers he said he would be our easiest sale and he was, for about a year, but as our reputation spread throughout the federal system, trust fund managers began calling us and we found our product being requested throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.
What do the commissary managers of these institutions know that you don’t? Fragrances By JAK.

Trust Fund managers and commissary managers from New Hampshire to Florida and New Jersey to California know us. When Ed Shea, the commissary manager of Brooklyn MDC, orders oil he does not pay the retail price of $3.95 and up. He pays a wholesale price of $3.25 per ounce, does not pay shipping and he receives his order in less than 7 days. Ed’s secret? Location, you may say. No, the truth of the matter is Ed bypasses the Atlantic Ave. hub and does business with a wholesale fragrance oil provider in Connecticut, Fragrances By JAK.

We have  made available our fragrance lists and included our relevant information below.

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 PH 860 727-1000 FAX 860 727-9590

Please feel free to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon.